A few days ago I wrote a post that touched on the idea that the reality of a thing should not be confused with the truth of that thing.  Like trying to ride a donkey down a photograph of the Grand Canyon.  I have spent most of my efforts over the past couple of years, and specifically over the past few months working and writing apologetics.  I think it is an important thing.  It is good to have a rational approach to faith.  As the book of Proverbs says, “The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters.  But a man of understanding draws them out.”

God is truly beyond words, beyond rational thought.  Rationality is one aspect of God.  You cannot have a full grasp of the Truth of God without the use of all of your reason.  But you also cannot rely on reason alone to understand the fullness of that Truth.  Tonight I was graced by the presence of God in a way that reminded me of that fact.  My 10 month old son has a cold.  He woke up about 11:30 tonight screaming.  When that happens, often the only thing that will get him to calm down is to take him outside on the porch.  We sat on the swing in the dark.  It was drizzling slightly, and there was that electric cool crispness of the early fall night.  I held him in my arms and hummed the hymns I grew up singing in church.  An unexplainable peace fell silently over the both of us.  I didn’t see any visions.  I didn’t hear any voices.  But as I held my son, comforting his pain and his fear, I had the distinct feeling of being held and comforted by my Father as well.  I know there is nothing in emotional language or experiences that can convince a hard boiled skeptic that there might be something to this God stuff.  But then, it’s not really my job to convince anyone.  I can only bear witness to the change in my life.  It is up to the Spirit after that.  And I suppose that is what happened tonight.  The Spirit washed over me and refreshed this skeptical believer one more time.


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  • Romanós

    Ameen! A beautiful example from your life of the living God’s presence with you, enlightening you even beyond human reason. I can’t tell you how close to you I feel by reading your testimony. It is as I was at your age, comforting one of my sons in a fever, by holding him, bare chest to bare chest so I could absorb his heat and cool him down, while rocking him gently in a rocking chair, and singing softly, “You get brighter every day, and every time I see You…”

    God bless you Andrew. I commend you to Him with prayer and thanks, asking Him to keep you safe in Him, and to keep your light burning bright. And pray for Romanós the sinner.

  • Kaye

    Amen and amen. What a beautiful picture. It funny how sometimes the most profound evidence of God in our lives is nothing that can be seen or explained, but only felt. I guess that’s why He calls us to a personal relationship…He’s a personal kind of God. =)

    Found you today via Higher Calling and I am really enjoying your blog!

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