Sunday Songs…

M.Ward – Chinese Translation – This is probably the best song I’ve heard in a long time. Really speaks to my history…

M.Ward – Requiem – Another M.Ward song that is beautiful. A good friend has a post on his blog about being a True Man. This song reminds me of that…and a little of a few of the male role models in my life…

Bon Iver – For Emma, forever ago – This song makes me cry. Bon Iver has one of those haunting voices…

Bon Iver – For Emma (a capella) – One of my favorite things about Bon Iver is that he seems to just love making music. It doesn’t matter the location. It doesn’t matter the instrumentation (or lack thereof). He just makes beautiful music with whoever, wherever. This is a great a capella version of “For Emma, forever ago”…


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One response to “Sunday Songs…

  • Romanós

    Haven’t really taken the time to listen to the music you’ve posted before, but did so today. All very good.

    I was watching the hanzi as it flashed on the screen during the first song, and even with the little Chinese that I have in my active memory, it still looked to me like what the song was saying in English was what the hanzi were saying. It was really kind of neat for me, because I have been out of the Chinese head space for a few years now. I’ve really focused on Japanese for the last 4 years, a way different language and culture, tho they also use kanji.

    The song Requiem reminded me of (1) my Dad, who looks just a very little bit like the man in the video, and of (2) my “elder” Philip Holte, who was my model of a Christian man when I first accepted Christ at age 24, and who mentored me for 4 years before he went to be with the Lord (he was 32 years my senior).

    If you have time, here’s a couple old posts (you’d never find them otherwise) that mention Philip, and I’d like to share them with you. (By the way, the picture in the first post is Romanos at age 26. Philip never allowed us to take his photograph, but he was the spittin’ image of Sam Massabini in the film Chariots of Fire.)

    Lastly, I also enjoyed the other two songs, but I think I’d enjoy them more if I was listening to them with you.

    God bless you Andrew.

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