Lessons from a Dog Leash…

daisyandwoodyMy family has two dogs.  A tiny little Chihuahua/Maltese named Daisy Garcia and a Terrier/Mutt named Elwood P. Dowd.  Both have pretty old leashes.  They have been getting frayed and knotted up, and basically in need of replacement.  Finally, over Christmas, I was walking the dogs and Elwood broke his leash.  My father-in-law tied a really good knot in the broken leash and it is stronger than ever.  That got me to thinking.

We now use the leash that was broken and is now fixed for the bigger dog because it is a stonger leash.  It is stronger because it finally broke, and then was put back together.  How “Gospel” is that?!?!  We can hang on as best we can, but we are frayed and tattered and tied up in knots.  It’s not until we become totally broken and realize it that we are free to be fixed.  And when we get fixed by the right hands, we will be stronger than we were even when we were new.


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2 responses to “Lessons from a Dog Leash…

  • Romanós

    Elwood P. Dowd, one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite movies!

    “It is stronger because it finally broke.”
    Has there ever been a surer way to the life of salvation than that? To be broken, to know that we are broken, and to let Someone fix us?

    Bravo to you for this brief but “couldn’t be clearer” message.

    P.S.: Good to hear your thoughts again, brother.

  • Andrew


    Thank you again for your encouragement. And yes, Harvey is probably the greatest movie ever made. Elwood P. Dowd is a great hero of mine.

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