donald miller…

So, yesterday I met my second favorite, non-dead author.  Donald Miller somehow miraculously came to my church.  He was amazing.  He sawed a woman in half.  He levitated an antelope.

Okay…he didn’t do those things.  But he did inspire me to start writing more.  I’ve been conspicuously absent from this blog for a while.  I’ve been working on seminary.  I’ve been workining on one book.  And now I’ve started a second.  Who needs free time anyway?  But I’m inspired nonetheless.

So, I met Mr. Miller after his presentation.  He signed my book.  Here is what I wrote to him this morning after making a complete goon of myself:

“I saw you last night at Grace Community Church.  You were encouraging and inspiring.  I met you backstage.  You smiled warmly.  You were kind and gracious.  I wanted to tell you that after reading your books I feel like you are my family.  I wanted to tell you that hearing you speak and reading your words feels like wraping myself in a warm blanket, straight from the dryer, made of 100% “me-too-i-know-how-you-feel.”

But all of that felt melodramatic.  It stuck in my throat.

So I mumbled, “I really appreciate you” and then I ran away.

But I do.  I really appreciate you.”

I realized that this is how I speak to everyone.  I have so much to say, and it comes out all “ummm’s”.  So please pray that God either fixes me, or just lets me write.





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