everything you never wanted to know about me…

This is me. I’m Andrew Mills. I have a beautiful wife, and an awesome son, a couple of dogs, and a cat.  I recently started seminary.  I’ll be working on my Masters in Divinity with a concentration in Apologetics.  I hope to plant a church in Boone, NC.  I like to garden.  I love plants.  I like to play music.  I hope to keep my stupid self out of the way enough to be used by God.  I hope you enjoy the site.


8 responses to “everything you never wanted to know about me…

  • Romanós

    I couldn’t find an email address on your page, so I’m leaving the comment here. Sometimes there’s things more personal that I might want to say, and so not leave it out there as a public comment.

    I’m going to peruse your blog some more. Without doubt, the Lord has got His hand on your life, and has endowed you with many gifts. You will bear much fruit for others. I have already tasted a little of that fruit. Stay true to the Word. Stay in the Word. Live in it, make it your home, your food, your rest, your delight. It will never fail you. Why? Because it is His Word, His promise. The Living God, Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel. He is with us.

    Go with God, dear brother. God bless you Andreas.

  • Nic Paton

    A five minute visit is getting me a little hot. I shall be back, oh yes, I shall. I feel a lot of synergy cooking away.


  • Romanós

    Very nice picture of you, Andrew. I like it way more than the other one. I think I will download it and save it. Have a good day, brother, and keep trusting the Faithful, the True. God bless you Andrew.

  • Romanós

    P.S. Forgive me for wasting another comment. I should’ve said this with the previous. You know, you really look Greek with your bold features, bushy hair and eyebrows. I hope I get a chance in the future sometime to visit Agion Oros with you. The brethren there would sooner speak Greek to you than to me, since you look like their cousin, whereas I am obviously a “rossikos”…a Russian. Evlogeite!

    • Andrew

      That’s funny. When I visited Israel, people kept trying to speak to me in Hebrew. When I went to a wedding with my friend from El Salvador everyone kept trying to speak Spanish to me. And here I sit…Irish, Cherokee, and Mutt… 🙂

  • David@RedLetterBelieversss

    Loved your few posts. Write more! You have interesting insight

  • John Hargrove

    Hey buddy, you probably don’t remember me, but we sat next to each other in 4th grade, you were one of the couple people that were actually decent to me when i came here from Phoenix. Everyone else held a prejudice against me for “sounding wierd”, but not you, I’ve never forgotten that. Last name has changed since then, as my step-father legally adopted me when i was a teenager, but used to go by John Fisher. You probably have no clue who i am, and that’s cool. I’m definitely not as educationally advanced as the other commentors on here seem, but just wanted to let you know i never forgot the respect and friendliness you showed, even after all these years. Thanks brother.
    You can find me on facebook if you would like. Later tater.

    • Andrew

      Hey John,

      I do remember you. It’s great to hear from you, and it means a lot to me that you wrote this. I tried to look you up on facebook, but couldn’t find you. Would love to catch up. You can feel free to look me up on facebook, or e-mail or whatever. hope you are doing well. thanks again for writing this. I really do appreciate it.


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